in summer mountains just look green from a distance

you only see tree tops all laced together like theres no space


you feel all dreamy and lost in the lushness

as you get closer you can see the earth underneath

and the rocks and the trunks standing at an angle

when youre right on the mountain you look up at the treetops

and wonder if anyone can see you

waving at the clouds

and smiling at the sun

end of drought

you found new places in me

like flood waters

you slipped through cracks

and made your own paths

and filled up every

empty space

you soaked into me

and sprouted seeds

and now im


spring fever

the dirt walls

in the basement

are thawing

and the smell

of worm

and beetle


fertilizing the soil

drifts up between

the floorboards

in wispy tendrils

climbing over my brain

last day of march

sparrows on saturated branches

shaking off the strings of melted snow drops

squirrels eatin up apple peels

under the trees

snow then sun then puddles again

my aching bones lose their minds

the grass is brown and green today

my hands are blue and red

grave robber

my ugly secrets

my dirty past

the darkness shrouding me

like a grave before im dead

i hide and cower shutting my eyes

suffocating on my silence

you come with a shovel

and lamp

and you brush away spiders

pulling words from my mouth

like jewels

you pocket my secrets

and you dust off my past

and you walk away whistling

california is my mom

i guess i spent a lot of time outside

you can do that when you live in socal

i mean i remember spending entire days in the park

hours at the foot of a palm tree

just lookin up and up at the ever perfect sky

and those palm fronds up there

just wavin and wavin at the sun

and have you ever walked barefoot on a hot sidewalk

that shit can be painful

your soles get branded by the sun

you never forget it

i dont know

i guess i kind of feel raised by california

i mean i miss it more than i ever missed my parents

i just hope i get to go back before i die